Judging from Joel Watson’s Twitter feed (which was in turn inspired by this Oh Joy Sex Toy ASMR comic), I have a form of synesthesia I never realized was actually synesthesia: “ordinal linguistic personification.” Basically when I was a kid, I assigned personalities and gender to numbers 0-9. It’s not a very strong association – I don’t think it ever messed me up when I was doing math – but I always thought I was weird for doing so. Now I read people have been doing this as far back as 1893, according to Wikipedia.

For funsies:

1 - singular; stoic; aloof (m)
2 - nurse; helpful; holds things together; buoys (f)
3 - weirdo; doesn’t quite fit in (m)
4 - trendy; fashionable; a little snobby, but cheerful (f)
5 - thinks it’s hot shit; puffed-up; egotistical (m)
6 - gloomy; the Eeyore of numbers (n, leaning m)
7 - weird but owns it; mischieveous; a little spooky; chameleon (m)
8 - thoughtful; chubby; serene; also wants to help but doesn’t know how (n)
9 - pestering but not unwelcome; doer; curious (n)
0 - cold; blank; unsettling (m)

I wonder how much this kind of thing stemmed from, say, Donald in Mathmagic Land

i can’t have a “calm” playlist because what if it doesn’t work
what if i expect to be calmed and i’m not
what if my mind twists something previously enjoyable into a sonic hellscape
that means i don’t know myself as well as i thought i did
i can’t be trusted to know what’s best for my state of mind
i’ll end up even more jacked up than when i started
i will have failed myself on several levels
it will all have been for naught

that’s a lot of pressure to put on these songs

Plugging away on Carmilla. It’s been a very fun ride, not without its challenges. Why not put a blood-soaked, bizarrely-sexually-charged soundtrack to your chilly Sunday? I promise you won’t be disappointed. And if you are, let me know so I can improve!

This is nutsballs. If I was just listening to the audio, I would swear she was a machine. (via giggleloop13)

my best friend is driving up to visit me as i type

i’ve had an incredibly hard day, about which i’ve texted her in copious amounts

are you ready for some EMOTIONS

are you ready for some motherfuckin’ FEELINGS

are you ready to just be a COMPLETE SOBBING WRECK

i know i am

i am going to ask for comfort

i’m going to get it

and i won’t know what to do with myself

Settling in to journal your grievances and complaints and misgivings…and realizing you’re not as jealous as you thought you were.

I’m reading Carmilla for Halloween, and here’s the first chapter. Meet nice, but spoiled Lara, and get to know a bit of her history.

My new sounds:

6 pm on October 11, 2014: I discover St. Etienne’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” is actually a Neil Young cover

Halloween costume ideas: sexy Franciscan monk

Halloween costume ideas: sexy Franciscan monk